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Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

As one of the most sought-after travel destinations for tourists, Bali has never lost its appeal. Beyond hills, beaches, and the mountains Bali is also home to a distinctive tradition. If you're planning your honeymoon or a trip to Bali check out this article in depth.

We'll give you tips for selecting a great resort in Bali and also suggestions for the top ten resorts you can pick from. We will go over some extremely comfortable resorts like Alila Seminyak, The Menjangan and The Apurva Kempinski, you already know about. You can compare rates and amenities including an exclusive pool or tours packages. Curious? Let's take a look!

The question is, Why should you resort?

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)
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Although the cost of resort is rather expensive, the amenities offered will make visitors want to pay a bit more. Another reason is to choose an accommodation when you travel to Bali.

The area is large which is suitable for a wide range of sports. The resorts in Bali are usually built near to beaches or mountains to offer an ambiance that is relaxing and comfortable. The facilities are comprehensive, from restaurants to playgrounds, swimming pools to shopping malls.

The staff is extremely accommodating and the selection of room types is than enough. From basic hotel washrooms to luxurious villas, it's all within one place. If you're on your own or with a friend luxury suites and rooms are more efficient. If you are traveling with your familymembers, we recommend opting for a villa-style.

How do you choose a suitable Resosrt in Bali?

As one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe, Bali has many attractive resorts. Each of them offers various amenities with reasonable costs. So, prior to making the decision, you have be aware of the following factors.

Find the most suitable place to carry out your strategy

All about getting to Bali It's a must that you'd like to get the most out of your vacation. One option is to select an accommodation that is not too far away from where you want to go. Below is a list of the most popular resort locations in Bali.

Beachfront resorts from relaxing sunbathing to parties, everything can be done!

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)
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It is no secret that Bali is famous for its stunning beaches. This is the reason why the majority of resorts are located in close proximity to beach. The owners of the resort believe that the view of the ocean from the inn will delight guests.

The scenery isn't the only thing The resorts of Bali offer an easy access to beaches via the resort area. So you can relax on the beach and not have to walk for miles. Additionally the resort-like atmosphere close to the beach can be very enjoyable to host a gathering with your loved ones and family.

A resort situated in the middle of the rice fields and valleys. Perfect to relax your mind

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

If you travel to Bali to work, consider finding a hotel that offers natural views like hills or fields of rice. Apart from the beaches, Bali is also famous for its beautiful rice terraces. One of the most well-known Balinese terrace views is located in the Ubud region.

When you select a resort that is within the freshness of Ubud your brain will surely be more relaxed and more focused. This can be very beneficial when it comes to business. Additionally, we suggest resorts located that are located in the middle of the rice fields and valleys for those who wish to delve deeper into Balinese culture. This is because this region is often nearer to holy sites and other heritages of culture.

Make sure that the facilities

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

Facilities at resorts are an essential aspect that you should examine. Because full facilities will ensure the smooth operation of your daily activities. Apart from the basic hotel amenities, make sure that your resort is equipped with at least the following amenities.

  • Breakfast. It is ideal if breakfast was in the morning when you first wake up in the early morning. In most resorts, you can find an extensive breakfast menu, with quality assurance by professional chefs.
  • Airport shuttle. This is crucial particularly for those who do not have the car you own when in Bali. Airport transfers from resorts generally follow a consistent schedule, so you are able to easily alter.
  • Swimming pool. The resorts are closely associated with places where you can relax and indulge yourself. With their large size that is usually for a resort's facilities to include multiple swimming pools. You can select the resort that has an infinity pool, or a private pool for the privacy.
  • Kids ' playground. This playground will be extremely beneficial for parents that are traveling with kids. You can unwind and unwind a bit when your child is having fun. Children's playgrounds do not have to be as play areas, but could also take shape of kids' pool or child care services.

Select a hotel that offers an engaging program of activities

This is one of the most sought-after activities at the resort. Every resort offers a variety of tours. Certain resorts use minibuses for their guests while others make use of attractive vintage cars. The locations also differ in scope, from special tours, to beaches, mountains, or mountains to Bali all over. This tour will introduce you to interesting places that you haven't visited before.

Tour around Bali, explore unexpected places

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

This activity is one of the most popular activities of a resort. Each resort offers different tour packages. Some use resort minibuses, some use aesthetically pleasing classic cars. The destinations also vary, ranging from special tours to mountains, beaches, to Bali in general. This tour aims to introduce you to places of interest that you may not have been to before.

Rituals of the spiritual and cultural playing the civic role of a local resident

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

If you're a culture person, we suggest you choose an accommodation that offers an array of spiritual and religious activities. This way, you will be able to take in Bali more in the same way as the locals. Examples include following the salt-farmers' process and temple worship and crafting crafts. Through this kind of experience you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge and become more aware of local culture wisdom.

Activities for sports, keep your body and spirit in good shape by trekking to dive experiences

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

For those who are looking for a challenge, a number of resorts in Bali also offer sport programs. For instance, you can choose to cycle, trek and canoeing to diving. The terrain and the route are not only difficult but attractive to the eyes. There is no need to worry for those who are new to the sport as there is an experienced guide who will be with you.

The top 10 resorts recommended in Bali

The next step is to provide ten recommendations for the best resorts in Bali that we chose by analyzing the criteria prior to. These suggestions were carefully selected by weighing user reviews and reviews. Our recommendations are sorted according to their popularity in the website.

Alila Seminyak

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

Babysitting services are available and you can return to your honeymoon!

It is situated on the beachfront of Seminyak that stretches across eight kilometers, the resort is modern in design and luxury. The facilities are comprehensive, including child care services. This means that you travel with your child do not have to be concerned about your plans to spend time with your loved ones.

Are you looking to take part in activities outside the resort? You can choose one of the options that this resort offers. From temple ceremonies to exploring the area in the VW Combi, you can explore anything!

AYANA Resort and Spa

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

From the infinity pool all the way to the semi-private pool, there's everything!

We suggest this award-winning resort to those who are planning to spend a lengthy duration in Bali. The reason for this is that AYANA Resort & Spa has numerous fun activities programmes, from sports to cultural. You can also try the menus that are specially designed in the restaurant, which will surely delight your palate.

There's more the resort has five swimming pools, which include an infinity pool as well as semi-private pools. Imagine that every day you get to take a dip with a different experience and view. In this resort, you'll never be bored to have a day full of excitement.

The Apurva Kempinski

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

Luxury resort that is an underwater restaurant that is the very first in Bali

This hotel belongs to the most storied luxury hotel chain in Europe that is the Kempinski. It is also distinctive, as it blends contemporary architectural styles and traditional Balinese elements. One of the best features of the Apurva Kempinski is Koral Restaurant which has a restaurant that offers stunning views of the sea.

At Koral Restaurant The restaurant's tastes will be delighted by the variety of unique menus designed by the award-winning chefs. In order to fully have a great time you must reserve a table in advance. After dinner, take in the splendor of this resort in the evening. We guarantee that you won't ever forget your stay at this resort.

Amarta Beach Retreat

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

Simple resort with an exotic black sand beach

The resort is located in the southwest region of Bali in the Tabanan region, Amarta Beach Retreat appears unassuming. The reason for this is that the style of the structure is an old-fashioned house with a simple roof. Its distance to the ocean is limitable by the peaceful infinity pool.

The beach directly in the front of this resort can be described as Pasut Beach with its exotic black sandy beach. The resort is ideal to rent for weddings and honeymoons, private getaways and even day excursions spa.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

Enjoy the most spectacular sunrise and sunset experience!

The five-star resort isn't to be overlooked. It is designed in a distinctive architecture style Renaissance Bali Uluwatu features four swimming pools that are outdoor. One of them is even home to an energetic and lively bar.

Although it's not directly at the beach, you're guaranteed to still experience a hefty Balinese sensation. It is believed that this resort offers the most stunning sunrise and sunset views. If you are a sunrise or sunset catcher, you'll be pleased!

The Menjangan

Luxurious in the middle of this green West Bali National Park

For those who are looking for a unique experience in Bali We suggest you choose The Menjangan hotel. It is unique because it is located in an awe-inspiring West Bali National Park. The building is famous due to its imposing bistro tower. From the top of this tower, you have perspectives over and the National Park to the ocean.

The variety of activities on offer is very intriguing. Beginning with kayaking and snorkeling or horseback riding you can take a ride. If you do not like extreme sports Try a cooking course or take a look at a variety of birds with bird watching activities.

Elephant Land by Hadiprana

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

A hot air balloon ride doesn't require you to travel to Cappadocia

In in the lush mountains that make up Bali's highestlands Tanah Gajah is nestled among vast rice fields. Additionally, the resort, situated just away from the village of the artist Ubud and has twenty charming villas. Each villa is distinct and original Balinese art work. People who love attending art exhibitions will surely enjoy it.

Alongside its subtleties which are full of artistic and cultural nuances, Tanah Gajah also offers numerous unforgettable activities. The most popular is an air balloon flight! The good news is that you don't need to journey far to Cappadocia for this experience.

Ocean Paradise Cottage

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

Economical Wedding Honeymoons in exotic Nusa Penida

There are those who want an unforgettable wedding in Bali but aren't looking to sink your savings in a way that is too costly. The answer to your dream is quickly if you choose to choose to stay in Ocean Paradise Cottage. In comparison to its rivals, this property is inexpensive.

However, this doesn't mean that the services and amenities provided aren't of a good standard. However the resort provides an incredible panorama from Nusa Penida's sea. Nusa Penida sea. While swimming, you will take in the most stunning sunset views with your companion.

Chapung Sebali

Best Resort Recommendation to Stay in Bali (Latest 2022)

The location is secluded and is perfect for a relaxing getaway

It is known by many as being among the most unique resorts located in Bali, Chapung Sebali eloquently blends traditional Indonesian architecture with modern Scandinavian design. The architectural beauty is harmonious with the view that is displayed.

The cliffs are high in the hills, Chapung Sebali is nestled between lush and wild rice fields. The ideal location to get away from the bustle and noise in the bustle of city. We would recommend Chapung Bali for your family and friends to spend a few minutes to relax.

Klumpu Bali Resort

Klumpu Bali Resort

Are you bored from looking out at the sea? This resort provides a gorgeous setting!

The Klumpu resort is located in the Sanur region located in the Sanur area, the Klumpu resort isn't right next to Sanur Beach. Actually, the resort is situated in central city. However, this doesn't mean that Klumpu unattractive to fans. When Bali is one of the most popular destinations for beach lovers, Klumpu has a stunning landscape, with a swimming in the center of the.

The building that houses the inn is distinctive. Instead of being a one structure, guests will be given a smaller self-contained, independent villa. If you're staying with your family members You can select an apartment with a stunning mezzanine. The interior is tranquil and cozy, as you're aware!


It's not easy to plan a trip especially when you're traveling by yourself. Also, when you are choosing a hotel in Bali that is extremely. You must be mindful when selecting it.

We've listed a few ways to pick a hotel in Bali and the tips previously mentioned. Are you convinced? Are you enlightened? Perhaps you'll soon be able to find the best accommodation in Bali. Have a wonderful holiday!

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