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11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

The fascinating city of Auckland which is the biggest cities within New Zealand, is indeed an attractive tourist destination for visitors from all areas of the globe. It is interestingly, despite being a dense urban zone. It is located close to the beaches as well as various..the islands are quite impressive.

In Auckland in the city, there are many interesting things which you must not be able to miss. From challenging games to enjoying the lush green of the hills that can be used as an ideal vacation place. Furthermore there are those seeking a suitable spot to unwind.

Tourist Destinations in Auckland

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

The largest town within New Zealand is called Tamaki Macau Rau in the Maori language. It is situated on the North Island of New Zealand. The first residents of the area were Maori sailors, who came to the area in 1350. The area then became frequented by visitors who came from Polynesian islands.

They built homes in the mountains, and also some areas around them. Kono when the first houses were built it was home to 20000 people.

After the signing of the Waitangi agreement. the governor of New Zealand chose this area as its capital. Then, he gave his name Auckland. To honor the man who was his commander.

If you pay attention, New Zealand is not any more different than Indonesia. The scenery is simply stunning. It is said the heavens will not end regardless of how much it continues to be explored. What are your guidelines? Let's get started on the next research.

Waiheke Island

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

Waiheke Island can be said as an Auckland tourist destination. You can here enjoy diverse treats that will be remembered for a lifetime. From the corner to the corner again , the place is stunning and beautiful. It is possible to be lulled, and hesitant to go home.

To reach the island, you can take the ferry. It takes about 40 minutes. Via Downtown or Devonport. To make the most of this area it is possible to avail of bicycles, bikes or scooters.

You can explore the entire island that is similar to Bali.

Hills and green fields of rice according to the saying this region can be described as rural New Zealand. Furthermore, Waiheke is also a beautiful beach with white sand, which is truly charming. It is interesting to note that the majority of waves are calm, which means you can swim with no worry of being dragged along into the ocean.

If you're looking to play around, you can go for a trip to Oneroa Beach. In Oneroa Beach, you can find a paddle board ride. You will receive paddle and a board which you can try SUP board. The game comes with a teacher, as you've probably heard. Don't be afraid to give it a go.

Within Waiheke there are some challenging rides. Like a flying fox traversing through the tropical rain forest, which can make your heart beat faster. The breeze can add variety of difficulties. However, in order to take advantage of this experience, you need to reserve beforehand. Naturally, this is among the most sought-after.

For lunch, there's an eatery which offers a wide range of delicious and delicious menus of food. It is interesting to note that in the front of you is an expanse of rice fields that truly catches the eyes.

Additionally, you can go to numerous gift shops and boutiques to bring home. If you're looking to stay in the area There are a variety of accommodations, from basic to luxury ones.

Auckland Sky Tower

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

Tourist tourist attractions located in Auckland City have a height of around 328 meters. The city has become a landmark that has not been replaced for more than 20 years. There are a lot to do and experience here. Don't allow this place to be at the top of your list.

On the first floor you are entertained by several restaurants that have the capacity of 700 seats. There are restaurants, bars and theaters with international standards.

If you can climb to the top, and you'll be able to take in the incredible things to see in New Zealand. Beginning from city views, the visibility can be as high as 80 kilometers with a an angle that can be as high as 360 degrees. This is why you can see mountains in a row. Absolutely stunning beauty.

In actual fact, you could admire her beauty while eating in a restaurant, and eating a portion of the menus for food that are served. Indeed, it is it is heaven on earth and you shouldn't quit.

Do you want to do something even more impressive? You can also protect the tower from a high point. All security equipment is modern and you'll be in good health and safe.

Kaipara Beach Sculpture Park

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

This fascinating spot located in Auckland New Zealand as the title suggests is a park which is a statue that has an amazing view of the ocean. You will be greeted with 60 sculptures by various New Zealand artists.

You can stroll through the park and listen to the birds' chirpings for approximately 1.5 hours. If you're exhausted then you can relax on the chairs that are provided. Relax and enjoy the temperature of the air. extremely cool and free of air pollution.

The amount you will have to pay to get into this area is 15 dollars, or approximately Rp. 195 million, at a rate of exchange of Rp. 13000 dollars. For children 7 dollars. If you take more than 10 individuals and you are charged 10 dollars and be accompanied by a guide.

One Tree Hill

This fascinating tour around Auckland New Zealand has a extremely pleasant environment. The cool, shady, and tranquil. The green color makes your eyes unable to blink. It is a great place to relax and rejuvenate after an entire week of work

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

To reach One Tree Hill, you just need to drive around 20 minutes. The air that flies right from the moment you step the foot on this hill until you return to your home. This isn't all the charm you'll find when you visit this region.

The elevation of this area is about 182 meters. Local inhabitants or the locals refer to this region as maung kiekie. One Trek Hill is the name. One Trek Hill itself was given without a good motive. In this particular area there was an Totara tree.

However, this tree is also part of the sacred and was later made the sole one.

The tree has now goneand has been transformed into an obelisk.

From here you can be amazed by how beautiful Auckland city Auckland is. It's possible to see it from 360 degrees. There are many tourists who visit this spot at the end of the day. In addition to enjoying the stunning ambience. Many of them can also be employed for fitness. You can also relax and take in the lush greenery and breathe in the air fresh.

Piha Beach

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

The water-based tourist destination located in Auckland is awash in the most exotic black sand. Piha Beach is also famous for its surf spots and you've heard of it. It is a long distance away from Auckland about 45 minutes, or an approximate 40km. The area at the end is a steep ravineand is characterized by strong and dangerous currents.

There is also a chance to visit the lion rock, an edifice that in summer offers stunning and breathtaking views. This hike up and down the cliff is an attraction for tourists, as you may have guessed. Don't forget to go for this hike whenever you go to the area.

A paradise for surfers, Piha Beach also has a particular course specifically designed for those who would like to learn to surf. In addition, they are it provides all the essential equipment. Therefore, you don't need to bring it back from your home.

In terms of dining, the area is already a good one with numerous restaurants and cafes. The surfer community usually gathers in these places. There are a variety of menus for food available for you to browse for a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a place to stay there is no need to fret, as there are numerous options available including homestays and star hotels. If you are looking to cut costs it is possible to rent an outdoor tent and spend your night camping in the space that is provided.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

This tourist attraction for families located in Auckland was established in 1852. You can visit diverse important collections of weapons that were used in wars from the past.

Also, there is a library, which is an ancestor from the early times. The library was built after World War 2 ended. The building was expanded and is a memorial to war, that is believed to have killed around 4000 aucklanders during the second world conflict.

The museum is known for it's Neoclassical style, this museum has grown into a popular tourist attraction. This museum has seen changes and ups. It was finally handed over to Auckland Institute. Auckland Institute.

Waitemata Harbor

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

The tourist attraction located in Auckland New Zealand is the principal entry point to the city, provided you choose the route by sea. From here, you are able to take a ride throughout Auckland City from above the water. There are many ships leaning on the shore, and could be the things in the picture.

The total area is around 180 sq km. The port connects the main port to the Auckland Seaside, Hauraki Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

The view from the top of the building is another thing which adds to the positive experience. In close proximity to the harbor, you will find many food stalls or restaurants that have the sea open as a breathtaking view.

The afternoon is the perfect moment to be to this site. A lot of people will take pictures of this moment in time. Don't not miss the opportunity to capture the moment.

Albert Park

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

It is a park located in Auckland that you could go to. The breathtaking view in Albert Park is not only within the heart, but also in the eye. Its location is advantageous, since it is located situated in the middle of Auckland city, making it simple to go there.

In one of the corners, there's also an art gallery . In another, there's also a memorabilia collection. It is the perfect place for those looking to relax. Therefore, it's not surprising that a lot of visitors come and make this place their preferred spot.

It is interesting to note that this area also has facilities for wheelchairs, as you're aware. There are toilets which are available for those who have disabilities.

There are a variety of plants and trees you can make use of. Not just to shelter you however, you can make it a photo location.

There, you can look at the boyd statue that is believed to represent love and affection and also to squelch hate. For those who aren't bringing a drink there are a variety of faucets to drink water in various places. This is quite interesting, isn't it to visit this area.

In order to get into the area, you must be required to withdraw some funds. But, for those of you with New Zealanders as friends this fee will be waived. However, you must show your identity card to the police officer.

Viaduct Harbor

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

The world isn't New Zealand if it doesn't have an Instagram-worthy port. In addition, Viaduct harbor, which has cruise excursions along with impressive tours.

The best part about going to this region is that it is situated close to both lodging and residential areas. There are many hotels , and even apartments that can be let to tourists for many costs. The inn that is served may be considered to be the finest anywhere in the world. It also includes the services offered.

Prior to becoming a port this was the location of America's Cup in 2000 America's Cup.

Port activities are very dense and could be a fascinating dish. You can snap several photos of subjects from different angles. The ideal time to visit the area is during the afternoon. The setting sun creates a stunning ambiance.

There are many places to relax and enjoy the entire experience. In most cases, locals will also visit to appreciate the splendor of the viaduct port.

Not just lodging you can take pleasure in. But, you will also find numerous bars and restaurants in the area. The later you go to bed the busier the area will be people. The enchantment to the light is something which cannot be ignored.

If you're lucky enough, you'll be able to see a stunning superyacht, which has becomes a hunting spot for a lot of people. It doesn't matter if you'd like to go inside it or simply take photos of it, you'll be in a great of the spot.

Kelly Tarlton Marine Life Aquarium

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

The final dish you can sample while visiting New Zealand is the Kelly Tarlton aquarium. In the aquarium, you can witness the lives of the fish who make this region home to them.

The attraction was opened to the public in the year 1985. The person who initiated the project of the attraction is Kelly Tarlton, an archaeologist and diver from New Zealand

There are around 1500 animals, with 50 different species which you can view here. The background of the construction is rather unique. Kelly Tarlton suggests building an aquarium inside a tank that hasn't been extensively used over a period of period of.

In the end, he created an acrylic tunnel with a curvature that could weigh up to one ton. It is made up of 13 distinct zones.

There are many different kinds of penguins that inhabit the biggest sub Antarctica in the world. There are jellyfish as well as seahorses which are so beautiful. There are also sea dragons that are thorny and sea turtles, which are truly impressive. It's funny that they can cause you to be unable to leave this place.

You can also visit the area to snorkel. If you're lucky, you will observe a shark, which will give the opportunity to experience something new.

If you pay the amount you pay, you'll get a withdrawal from the bank for 39 dollars or Rp. 390 million at an exchange rate of 1 dollar , which is equivalent to Rp. 10 thousand. Children under 15 years old the fee is 27 dollars or Rs. 270 million will be due. If you would like to purchase tickets, it is recommended to arrive by 4 pm. Since the counter is closing, it will be closed.

There are a lot of interesting spots in Auckland that you could visit. It is interesting to note that all areas are clean and tidy to ensure that everyone who visits can feel comfortable in staying. Also, we should provide an example of cleanliness , which could be a an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Takapuna Beach

11 best tourist spots to visit in Auckland, New Zealand!

Auckland is still committed to showing natural views of beaches that never seem to end. Every area is packed with visitors. In the meantime, there's any reason not to go to it. One of the beaches are Takapuna Beach.

It is possible to say that this region is a paradise. All you need to have an unforgettable holiday is offered in this area. Starting with the turquoise sea accommodations, souvenir shops to restaurants are available.

It is also possible to use kayaks or paddles to rid yourself of the time. If you aren't able to utilize it, this location already has instructors available to assist you.

Nearby to Takapuna Beach lies Lake Pupuke. A lot of tourists like to relax there. The lake is unique due to its fresh water that is crystal clean. Additionally, entertainment is also available during weekends. There are many shows that are held at this location. It's no wonder that so many tourists visit this venue.

Takapuna Beach has also provided an open market where allows you to purchase different kinds of souvenirs and gifts for the entire family at home. Key chains, statues, and additional items that you can purchase.

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