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Studying in America? These 6 Scholarships are available for you

Would you like to study in the United States like others people but cringe at its dollar exchange rate? Smart Buddy, Eitts is all you need. You are correct, there are scholarships. Why fret about the cost of tuition in dollars? Let's not be shy, have a look these college scholarships in America. Who knows, you might be eligible.

Studying in America? These 6 Scholarships are available for you

Abbey Road Summer Scholarships

This scholarship is open to students in high school aged 14-18. Your academic achievements must be exceptional, especially in the areas of art and language. You should also have limited extracurricular activities. The scholarships for the following subjects are $1,000 USD each: French, Spanish, Italian/Cultural Studies, Studio Art/ Art History, International Studies.

The Next Gen Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is available to international students, who are not American citizens. This scholarship is open to all high school graduates. The scholarship has a nominal value $1,000 USD. It will be very useful to study in such a costly country.

The next requirement is quite important, Friend Smart. This scholarship is only available to residents of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Oh no! If so, you need to have been accepted on one of the campuses that are located in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC.

American University Emerging Global Leaders Scholarship

American University provides this scholarship. You cannot be a student in another university in the United States, or in Indonesia. The scholarship will be awarded to a percentage of students whose academic achievement is among the top 10% from grades IX through XII.

American University scholarships do not cover tuition fees. This excludes health insurance, college textbooks, airfare and other expenses which can exceed $4,000 per annum. Visit to find out more.

Emory University Needs a Scholarship Program

This scholarship is not for Emory University student who have been in financial difficulties from the very beginning. In order to declare financial difficulty, you must include the International/ Financial Certification Form(FIF), CSS/ Financial Aid Profile (FAP), and your tax return. For more information, visit: This page can be accessed at:

New York University Wagner International Scholarships

New York University offers several scholarship programs for students. The programs that are geared towards international students at the undergraduate levels include the Dean's Scholarship (Public Service Scholarship), Luther Scholarship, and M. Gulick Scholarship. For international students studying at New York University, there are many scholarships available through institutions and off-campus organizations. Learn more Smart Friends: www.wagner.nyu.ed.

University of Minnesota International Excellence Scholarships

International freshmen are also eligible for scholarships at the University of Minnesota. For students in 2019-2020, scholarships are available at the University of Minnesota. They can be awarded for $10,000 USD, $15,000 USD or 25.000 USD each year over four years. The scholarship is available to the most outstanding student in the class.

International students have several scholarships available from the University of Minnesota. They include the Global Excellence Scholarship and #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship. Visit for more info.

These are just a small selection of scholarships for international students studying in the United States. You might be eligible to apply.

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